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About TK Hair


Toya Knowles is an unwavering champion of the hair industry, showcasing her exceptional talent across a wide spectrum of styles, lengths, and textures. With a remarkable career spanning over three decades, she has solidified her reputation as a master beauty professional, with a distinctive flair for short hair styling. While her expertise is versatile and encompasses various styles, Toya truly thrives when working with grey hair, infusing it with vibrancy and sophistication.

However, it's her mastery of short hair that elevates her to the status of a true guru in high demand. Clients seek her out not only for her skill in crafting stunning looks, regardless of hair length, but also for her unmatched ability to transform short hair into works of art. Toya Knowles' unparalleled proficiency and her unique connection with short hairstyles position her as an invaluable asset in the realm of hair styling.

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About TK Cooking

Toya Knowles' culinary journey is deeply personal, rooted in a profound love for fruits and vegetables that she yearns to share. Her path was shaped by a transformative realization—a healthier life free from discomfort, inflammation, and the hidden dangers of certain foods. This realization came amidst a challenging episode: a mini-stroke triggered by her high-stress environment. Toya's response was resolute. She bid farewell to meats and processed foods, embracing a path towards well-being. Through consistent exercise and a commitment to a plant-based diet, Toya's journey became a living testament to the incredible changes that can unfold when health and nourishment take center stage.

Today, Toya stands as an ardent advocate for the boundless benefits of plant-based living. Her journey has given rise to a personal cookbook, a captivating cooking show, and a revolutionary detox program "Millionaires 40 day Detox Challenge" designed to empower others. In this program, Toya offers more than just recipes; she extends a lifeline of resources, accountability, and unwavering motivation, drawing from her own transformative experience. 

Moreover, Toya's culinary influence has radiated beyond personal realms. Her creations have graced competitions, adorned articles, and resonated within social circles. Yet, it's her live events that truly bridge the gap between her creations and the audience. In these gatherings, Toya brings her culinary expertise to life, meticulously preparing plant-based dishes for attendees who eagerly pay to partake in an evening of flavorful exploration. This connection solidifies her mission, turning her story from a personal journey into a collective experience, underscoring the power of nourishment and the artistry of living well.