Ms. Toya Knowles

Meet Ms. Toya Knowles.
Toya is known as The Short Hair Guru . Even though she specializes in short hair, her success

comes from empowering not just the women that sit in her chair but also to enrich the lives and careers of the men and women that come across her path.

The Short Hair Guru

Why I Chose

Plant Based..

As a professional stylist of over 3 decades, Toya has a true passion for sharing her knowledge and wisdom. 

She is the very best at her craft.


Her many years of

experience delivering consistent, reliable service

makes her a stylist  you will love to work with. She finds delight in

serving professionals in the beauty business and friends like you who want to take  their business and life to a new level. 

She’s always dreamed to help everyone create a blueprint for their life through HAIR HEALTH & AFFIRMATION with this you will learn how to be a professional that you ever dreamed of being.


“It’s a joy to work with a woman who knows her profession and believes and growing through Education and Coaching. 

Let us create your “Blueprint” together.” Toya Knowles